XIONG Xue-ting,XU Bi-lian.Research progress of Wnt signaling pathway in pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis[J].Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2014,(01):13-16.





Research progress of Wnt signaling pathway in pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis
2.广东天然药物研究与开发重点实验室,广东 湛江524023
XIONG Xue-ting XU Bi-lian
1.Dept of Pharmacology, Guangdong Medical College;
2.Guangdong Key Laboratory for Research and Development of Natural Drugs, Guangdong Medical College, Zhanjiang Guangdong524023, China
rheumatoid arthritis Wnt signaling pathway bone destruction cartilage destruction osteoclast osteoblast
类风湿性关节炎(rheumatoid arthritis,RA)被喻为是不死的癌症,因其发病过程累及多系统,涉及的细胞因子、蛋白等生物分子众多,故其具体的发病机制至今仍未阐明。近年来,Wnt通路在RA中对炎症、软骨和骨等方面发挥的作用逐渐被证实,这些发现不仅为深入研究RA的发病机制提供新思路,而且为防治RA疾病的药物研究提供了新靶点。
Rheumatoid arthritis(RA) is defined as deathless cancer. The specific mechanism still remains to be expounded, as it involes several systems and a lot of cytokines, proteins, etc. In recent years, roles of Wnt signaling pathway in inflammation, cartilage, bone and other aspects in RA have been clarified gradually. These findings not only provide new thinking for deep exploration in pathogenesis of RA, but also offer novel target spots for drug developing in preventing RA.


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