[1]杨 磊,孙莹茵,黄 成,等.PTP1B在常见组织炎症中的研究进展[J].中国药理学通报,2019,(10):1350-1353.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-1978.2019.10.005]
 YANG Lei,SUN Ying-ying,HUANG Cheng,et al.Research progress of PTP1B in common tissue inflammation[J].Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2019,(10):1350-1353.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-1978.2019.10.005]





Research progress of PTP1B in common tissue inflammation
杨 磊孙莹茵黄 成李 俊
安徽医科大学药学院,安徽省天然药物活性研究重点实验室; 重大自身免疫性疾病安徽省重点实验室,安徽 合肥 230032
YANG Lei SUN Ying-ying HUANG Cheng LI Jun
School of Pharmacy, Anhui Medical University, Anhui Key Lab of Natural Drug Activity Research; Anhui Province Key Lab of Major Autoimmune Diseases, HeFei 230032, China
炎症 PTP1B 结构 巨噬细胞 PTPs 作用机制
inflammation PTP1B structure macrophages PTPs mechanism
R-05; R329.24; R345.61; R364.5; R977.3
蛋白酪氨酸磷酸酶1B(protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B,PTP1B)属于蛋白磷酸酶超家族,能够将蛋白酪氨酸残基去磷酸化,在细胞生命活动过程中起着重要的作用。过度的炎症反应能够对正常组织产生损害,导致器官功能障碍及不可逆结构破坏。近年来,越来越多的科学研究发现,PTP1B在组织炎症中发挥着不可或缺的作用:一方面通过调控炎症信号通路调节巨噬细胞及小胶质细胞的功能,另一方面能够影响组织细胞的凋亡,两者共同作用促进组织炎症的发生发展。本文将综述PTP1B在不同组织炎症中的作用及机制,为后续研究及发现有效的药物作用靶点奠定理论基础。
Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B(PTP1B)belongs to the protein tyrosine phosphatase superfamily, which can dephosphorylate protein tyrosine residues and plays an important role in cell life.Excessive inflammation can damage normal tissues, leading to organ dysfunction and irreversible structural damage.In recent years, a large number of scientific studies have found that PTP1B plays an indispensable role in tissue inflammation.On the one hand, it regulates the functions of macrophages and microglia through regulating inflammatory signaling pathways; on the other hand, it can affect the apoptosis of tissue cells, and the two jointly promote the occurrence and development of tissue inflammation.This paper will review the role and mechanism of PTP1B in inflammation of different tissues, and lay a theoretical foundation for subsequent studies and the discovery of effective drug targets.


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